Hello Queen,

Welcome to House of Royalty's!House of Royalty’s is a Hairsalon founded in 2015 by Characee Veldboom, however she has been a Hair Stylist for over a decade now and has turned her greatest passion into a living dream. Characee started her hair stylist journey as a young and highly spirited teenager, learning by the great experience of her mother. Since then, Characee devoted her life, study, and career on perfecting her passion.  

Transforming clients and ensure their happiness is what House of Royalty’s strives for on a daily basis.  The mission statement of House of Royalty’s is being able to turn every woman into the wonderful power woman she truly is.       

Our vision is to empower women when providing them with the perfect look; to make them feel pretty and most comfortable in. House of Royalty’s needs to be a place every woman goes to, to find their inner strength and outer beauty.             

House of Royalty’s always want to achieve a natural and astonishing hairstyle that will make all heads turn. 


 "More than just a hairstylist, Everyday a different you, by CharaC"